Apple to Release ARM-based Mac Laptops Soon

According to TF securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is planning to release Mac laptops in bulk based on ARM in the year 2021. The company will release the ARM-based laptops and desktop form factors both in the first half of the year 2021. The news reported on MacRumors by Ming-chi Kuo revealed that Apple is investing a massive amount in the chips of 5 nanometers for powering the products of its next generation. The next-generation products of Apple include iPad and iPhone also along with Mac laptops.

At present, the company is using the processors manufactured by Intel in its notebooks and desktops. In contrast, the iPhones and iPads of the company have the processors designed by Apple itself based on ARM technology. Meanwhile. It is believed that the use of ARM processors will help the company to control the schedule of release of Mac laptops firmly along with delivering significant improvements such as enhanced life of the battery.

However, the company may face some challenges, too, while ensuring that the apps running on Mac will also run successfully on the latest models as the processors used in the devices are different. While believing that the processors manufactured by Apple will use the 5-nanometer chips, Kuo said that the new iPads and 5G technology-based iPhone ready to release in the year 2021will also have the 5nm chips. It is worth noting here that 5nm could be defined as the measurement of how to advance, dense and small chips can be produced and manufactured. Further, Kuo said that he is hopeful and expecting that the new products of Apple to be released in 12-18 months, including 2H20 iPad having mini Led, 2H20 5G technology-based iPhone, and 1H21 Mac will be equipped with the processors based on 5nm chips.

TF Securities research analyst, Kuo had earned a name for himself by predicting accurately about the products of Apple before the company announced about them. He has a keen observation on the supply chain of Apple and the companies to which it has contracted for manufacturing the parts of computers. The research analyst, Kuo, also indicated that ongoing health issue emergency would have no impact on the roadmap of building 5nm chips by Apple even though the current scenario has disrupted the manufacturing of electronics all across the world. According to the research analyst, the present situation may impact the development process of the competitors of Apple, but it seems that it will not hurt the plans of Apple. The reason behind this is the use of more and more resources by Apple, which includes chip foundries also.

Amidst all, the use of ARM-based technology in desktops is looking quite intriguing as it has never been tried before by anyone in the computers manufactured for consumers. However, the transition of Apple products to ARM-based technology is a piece of big news for the coming year. The company generally announces such significant improvements and things in Worldwide Developers Conference, which is its annual event often held in June. Still, it will not take place due to an ongoing health issue emergency. The current health issue outbreak has forced the companies to postpone their several events.  The company will announce the products in the online broadcast of the WWDC 2020 keynote; however, the time is yet not specified.

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